How important the lubricating oil to machine tools

May 22 2020

To ensure the stable operation of the main spindle bearings, it is essential to select and use lubricating oil correctly. This article will elaborate on the five major functions of lubricating oil for precision machine tool main spindle bearings and the hazards of inferior lubricating oil.

I. Five Major Functions of Lubricating Oil for Precision Machine Tool Main Spindle Bearings

Wear Resistance:

The stable operation of precision machine tool main spindle bearings can be affected by varying degrees of wear. Lubricating oil can reduce bearing wear by forming a protective film on the bearing surface, thus reducing direct metal-to-metal contact and effectively decreasing wear. This wear-resistant function is crucial for extending equipment lifespan and ensuring production efficiency.


Lubricating oil has excellent thermal conductivity, allowing it to rapidly dissipate the heat generated during main spindle bearing operation, effectively reducing bearing temperature. By judiciously using lubricating oil, equipment temperature fluctuations can be controlled, preventing equipment malfunctions due to excessive temperatures and ensuring stable equipment operation.

Noise Reduction:

High-quality lubricating oil can significantly reduce friction and vibration during the operation of precision machine tool main spindle bearings, thereby lowering noise levels. This not only improves the working environment but also enhances employee efficiency and equipment performance.

Prolonging Equipment Lifespan:

Proper selection and use of lubricating oil can noticeably extend the lifespan of precision machine tool main spindle bearings. By forming a protective film on the bearing surface to prevent metal corrosion and wear, lubricating oil effectively protects the equipment, reduces maintenance costs, and prolongs equipment lifespan.

Corrosion Prevention:

Precision machine tool main spindle bearings are prone to rust in humid working environments. High-quality lubricating oil containing anti-corrosion additives can form a protective film on metal surfaces, preventing erosion by moisture and oxides, effectively preventing bearing rust.

Lubricating oil for precision machine tool main spindle bearings plays a crucial role in ensuring equipment's normal operation and production efficiency.

In practical operations, it is essential to choose high-quality lubricating oil that meets standards to ensure stable equipment operation and improved production efficiency. Additionally, strengthening equipment maintenance and implementing a rational lubricating oil replacement plan are key factors in enhancing equipment performance and production efficiency.